Case Study

Istobal Smartwash - Improving the car wash experience

Keeping your car clean is now easier. Istobal is investing in improving the experience of its end users and we are very happy to be part of that initiative.

Istobal is one of the most important vehicle wash bridge manufacturers in the world. Historically, its focus had been on serving its customers, the service stations, but now they seek to connect with their end users.

The Brief

We were asked to analyze and redesign the experience between the end user and Istobal at all contact points: digital products and physical spaces.

The Solution

We adapted Istobal's branding to the digital world, we created an app that allows people to buy and activate the machines, and we redesigned the UX of the digital kiosks at the stations.

Mobile App

Purchase and activate your car wash from the app, without getting out of the car

Beyond the digital product design, the complexity of the solution was the activation of the washing. We work closely with Istobal's product and R&D team to define this experience step by step, taking into account standards and regulations of all the countries where Istobal works.

The solutions with the greatest impact on people's experience were tested on real users to later review their pain points with the Istobal team and rethink them.

Solutions tested on real users

Istobal has understood the value of testing solutions on real users and we are doing it more and more frequently.

Alignment and ideation workshops

After carrying out a research activity and before designing the solutions, we put together everything we have learned and devise the bases for the new solutions.

Digital newsstand

A consistent experience at any car wash

Use the car wash, vacuum the car, load credit, etc. Istobal users can perform many different tasks at a service station. Our job is to ensure that the experience is consistent across all these touchpoints. Perhaps the most complex element was having to design for different terminals with different hardware.

From the beginning we maintain a design system that has been growing ever since. This has been of vital help to the design team, but it has also been of great help to the quality of the experience in each design.


We made an advertisement for digital media

Istobal wanted to communicate the new improvements in apps and terminals to his clients and asked us to make a Smartwash video.