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We design experiences that deeply connect customers with organizations

We are a strategic design agency for digital products and services that offers its clients the power of design methodologies to understand the needs of its customers and offer them solutions that improve the quality of their lives.

How do we do it?

Understand customer needs, devise solutions and measure them

We work with Lean processes applying Design Thinking techniques together with our clients to understand the needs of their customers and the current state of the market. This way we can Co-Design holistic solutions to the most urgent problems together with the different teams involved.


Always focused on the needs of users

There may be many discrepancies within the different departments that coexist in an organization, but what unites us is to build software and services that help users. We must use this common goal to align the teams.

Create multidisciplinary teams with common goals

Delivering a product or service with an excellent experience has many parts and involves very different professional profiles. We believe that these people should work together in small teams and not be separated by organizational bureaucracies.

Create fast and test before

There is always a percentage of the work that goes to waste, and the only way to verify it is to launch it on the market. We must work in small pieces quickly and validate our ideas as soon as possible. This requires a change in the culture of organizations.

For whom do we work?


About us

We love what we do and we care about doing it well

We like learning, thinking and doing. We design products that help and entertain people. We do it methodically, with care and dedication, because for us, every project and small task we do is important.

Wanna learn?

We teach a Digital Product master with Barreira A+D

Ever since the beginning we have believe that the most important quality in a designer is being always hungry to learn new things. In this master we count with a top-notch teaching staff and offer a cutting-edge set of subjects that we update every year.


Do you want to join the team?

Write to and tell us what you like to do, your experience and a link to your portfolio. We want to hear from you!


What kind of design does elmeunebot do? Do you make apps and websites?
At elmeunebot we do all kinds of design for the digital world as well as branding. Our focus is making mobile and web apps, but we also design business software for the Internet of Things, AR and VR. We have the capacity to tackle any type of digital project.
I need a branding design of my brand, can you do it too?
Of course. We have professionals specially dedicated to brand design. Every year we design a lot of new brands. Get in touch and we will give you examples of our work.
Does elmeunebot take care of design and development?
At elmeunebot we are specialists in design, but every day we work with development teams from all over the world. If you need development, we have different professional contacts for every development need.
What type of client do you work with?
We can adapt to any type of client, but the most frequent ones are large companies that are building new digital products and startups.
I have a project and I would like to discuss it with you. What should I do?
We love to talk about new projects. Write to to schedule a meeting and find out all the details.
Which is the process that you follow for a new design?
Each project is different and the first part of our process is to understand the organization, market and its customers. For this we propose a series of sessions/workshops to understand the problems. At the end of this phase we make a proposal as we see necessary.
Do you do software design for companies?
Yes, in fact it is much easier to work on a product having such easy access its users. Get in touch and we will give you examples of projects of this type that we have done before.
How much does it cost to do a project with elmeunebot?
We calculate our prices per hour and depending on the profiles that are required. We believe that the quality we deliver far exceeds the price we charge. Get in touch and we will give you estimates according to your needs.